Success Stories

Jake’s Career Launch

Jake graduated from an Ivy-league university with a high GPA and an impressive resume. Yet, one year later, after 200+ job applications & a few interviews, Jake had no job

Amy’s New Direction

Amy started college, but unfortunately her school was not a good fit, and her grades suffered. Amy moved back home to take time off. She joined the local community college,

Mary Kay Seeks Yellow Brick Road

Mary Kay had a 4.0 GPA, was well-rounded, and self-motivated. Yet, she was not sure how to make herself stand out in her resume, college applications, and essays. Mary Kay

Nicky’s College Countdown

Senior year was starting, - college was around the corner. Nicky and her parents felt  overwhelmed. How should they begin the college admissions process?   launchphase2’s Coaching (12th grade) Helped

Unlocking Peter’s Potential

Peter was a gifted 10th grade student and a talented musician. Yet, due to boredom, Peter’s 3.3 GPA in non-rigorous courses, - did not reflect his abilities. Could Peter turn

Can Tiffany Win with Her Cards?

Tiffany was a very bright, shy student who had learning differences. Through hard work, determination, and the support of her mother, Tiffany learned how to compensate for her differences and