Can Tiffany Win with Her Cards?

Tiffany was a very bright, shy student who had learning differences. Through hard work, determination, and the support of her mother, Tiffany learned how to compensate for her differences and earned solid good grades. Would Tiffany be able to go to college, and if so, could she succeed? 


launchphase2’s Coaching (9th-12th grades)

  • Encouraged Tiffany to add rigorous AP courses to her schedule.
  • Provided Tiffany study skills and test taking coaching.
  • Encouraged Tiffany to participate in clubs, service, and to later take leadership roles.
  • Created a college list to meet Tiffany’s needs/criteria, provided strategies for admissions/scholarships, and helped her stay on track and ahead of deadlines.
  • Guided Tiffany through all aspects of her college essays and applications.

Tiffany Wins Big Time

  • GPA rose from 3.6 to 3.85 (even with the addition of AP courses)
  • ACT score rose from 19 to 25 (27 Super Scored)



  • Service-learning, full-immersion trip in Guatemala
  • Volunteered to help disabled kids.
  • Won two leadership positions
  • Submitted strong applications (environmental science major) and aced college admissions interviews
  • Tiffany received acceptances at 100% of eight schools, and several scholarships.
  • 2021 Update: Tiffany went on to earn a Master’s degree and is working in her field!