We help high school and college students
prepare for the next phase of their lives
by providing customized coaching
to help them discover and
achieve their highest potential
for a successful
college and career launch.

We help high school and college students prepare for the next phase of their lives by providing customized coaching to help them discover and achieve their highest potential for a successful college and career launch.

Why hire launchphase2?

The college admissions landscape is complicated, competitive and constantly changing, – especially in the current environment. Parents and students often feel overwhelmed by the daunting process. Typically, high school counselors have large caseloads and can spend only a fraction of their time on college counseling.

Considering the high costs of college attendance, launchphase2’s college coaching is a smart investment to save time, money and make informed decisions, – with less stress.

launchphase2’s customized, personal coaching helps students

  • build study skills
  • identify majors and careers of interest
  • gain admissions at colleges that are a great fit
  • increase merit money awards and chances
  • find and launch dream careers.

Ferah Aziz, a Certified Educational Planner helps high school and college students successfully prepare for and achieve their goals. Additionally, Ferah helps students and college graduates with their job search process.

How does launchphase2’s coaching work?

You are in command of your journey. Ferah’s customized, holistic, one-on-one coaching will help you

  • figure out who you are, who you want to be, and how to get there
  • find your best self and create future options
  • maximize your outcomes with less stress and time
  • hit the ground running after your launch.

With over 24 years of experience working with hundreds of students, Ferah knows each student is unique and special. She effectively builds rapport and trust as she guides students to create options to achieve their future goals.

Results and benefits with launchphase2’s coaching

  • Increase your GPA and test scores
  • Identify majors and careers of interest
  • Build a smart-fitting college list
  • Complete your best applications
  • Enjoy multiple college acceptances
  • find and launch your internship or career

Recent Acceptances


At the beginning of summer in 2014 I had my first meeting with Ferah. Based on my increased heart rate, sweaty palms, and twitching eye, I think a may have had a little panic attack. All I could think as I sat there between my parents was my future and everything that this lady wanted me to do to prep for it. Questionnaires, personality tests, multiple worksheets about what I like in a college and what I don’t, and not to mention all the essays and drafts of a resume she wanted me to complete during the summer. The list seemed endless and I had just got off of my toughest year of high school and was ready to do some major relaxing, but that is not what Ferah nor my parents had in mind. My second meeting with Ferah was a lot less stressful and she really took the time to get to know my personality and me. Now that I look back on all those questions I answered to find out what college best fit my personality, I realize it wasn’t a waste of time because I would have never known that I wanted to go to a smaller school rather than a large university, or wanted a discussion oriented classroom, or to be close to a big city for internship opportunities. The more and more I went to see Ferah the more and more I got excited. Not only excited about my future and where I would be next year, but excited to just talk about my life to someone who truly cares and should get an award for being the best listener. A couple of my friends also go to Ferah and we have a little inside joke that not only is she our college prep coach, but like a therapist as well. She will listen to you if you are stressed, excited, sad, happy, or angry and will try and figure out her role in helping make things better or celebrating alongside with you. I cannot count the amount of hours I have spent contacting admissions counselors, researching/visiting schools, following suggested tips, and filling out applications, but I am thankful that I had Ferah and my parents pushing and supporting me each step of the way. Without the guidance of Ferah I would have never gotten into my top schools and received scholarships from them. I don’t know where I would be today in my college process without Ferah. As a student who went through launchphase2, I can confidently say that I know my college decision will provide me with a bright and successful future.
-Leah F. FCHS class of 2015, and future entrepreneur
My daughter just started attending the college of her dreams, thanks to launchphase2.  As a single father, I am grateful to launchphase2, - more than words can say.  My daughter’s coaching began when she was in 9th grade, at a difficult time; her grades were poor due to a lack of direction and rocky adjustments after the divorce.  Long story short, my daughter ended up being a 4.2 GPA student (with AP classes), a leader in student council, an Ambassador and devoted to community service.  She not only discovered her future career goal, and received college acceptances and scholarships, but she gained many valuable skills that will help her throughout her life.  I highly recommend launchphase2.  - D.S., Fort Collins
D.S. Fort Collins
Thank you so very much for the time you spent going over college transition tips all the guidance and support you provided to our daughter over the last year.  We know that she would not be where she is if it was not for your help.  We feel blessed that we found you to help all of us along through the very challenging process of selecting which college she should attend.  We are so very proud of our daughter and her accomplishments.  We will keep you posted and give you updates throughout her four years. Thank you again for everything.