We help high school and college students prepare for the next phase of their lives by providing customized coaching to help them discover and achieve their highest potential for a successful college and career launch.


We help high school and college students prepare for the next phase of their lives by providing customized coaching to help them discover and achieve their highest potential for a successful college and career launch.

Why hire launchphase2?

The college admissions landscape is complicated, competitive, and constantly changing – especially in the current environment. Parents and students often feel overwhelmed by the daunting process. High school counselors typically have large caseloads and can spend only a fraction of their time on college counseling.

Considering the high costs of college attendance, launchphase2’s college coaching is a smart investment to save time and money, and make informed decisions with less stress.

launchphase2’s customized, personal coaching helps students

  • build study skills
  • identify majors and careers of interest
  • gain admissions at colleges that are a great fit
  • increase merit money awards and chances
  • find and launch dream careers.

Ferah Aziz, a Certified Educational Planner, helps high school and college students successfully prepare for and achieve their goals. Additionally, Ferah helps students and college graduates with their job search process.

How does launchphase2’s coaching work?

You are in command of your journey. Ferah’s customized, holistic, one-on-one coaching will help you

  • figure out who you are, who you want to be, and how to get there
  • find your best self and create future options
  • maximize your outcomes with less stress and time
  • hit the ground running after your launch.

With over 24 years of experience working with hundreds of students, Ferah knows each student is unique and special. She effectively builds rapport and trust as she guides students to create options to achieve their future goals.

Results and benefits with launchphase2’s coaching

  • Increase your GPA and test scores
  • Identify majors and careers of interest
  • Build a smart-fitting college list
  • Complete your best applications
  • Enjoy multiple college acceptances
  • find and launch your internship or career

Recent Acceptances


When I learned that I had received an invitation to interview at several Physician Assistant programs, I was elated.  Soon after though, the nerves set in as I realized what all goes into mastering the interview.  That's where launchphase2 came in.  The difference just two sessions with my career coach made was unbelievable.  I felt much more confident in my answers and was able to adapt to anything the interviewers could throw at me.  I ended up being accepted and I couldn't be happier.  Thank you so much for your help, it played a crucial role in allowing me to take the next step towards my dream of becoming a PA!
~Ryan Fox
Ferah has been instrumental in helping our daughter achieve the often stressful process of applying for college. She has spent time helping our daughter research schools that have the degree she is seeking, giving her multiple resources, and providing guidance on writing essays. Now that our daughter has chosen the college she would like to attend, Ferah continues to helpelp her find scholarship opportunities. I am grateful to the dedication and professionalism Ferah has provided through this entire process.
–JoAnn Caddoo, Founding Partner at WeDo Media Group
My daughter worked with Ferah for about 2 -3  years while she was in high school.  Ferah was her mentor and adviser and helped my daughter prepare for college.    As a result of their work together, I saw the following results:  -  My daughter was accepted to ALL Seven (i.e. 100%) of the Colleges and Universities where she applied.  These were not safety schools!!  She also received scholarships from each school!  -  She just completed her first year in College, very successfully and with good grades.  -  The process of applying and making a decision on which college to attend was well organized and intelligent and included the whole family.  -  My daughter increased her confidence in herself and this played a role in her good results.   My younger daughter,  my nephew and her friend, are now working with Ferah.  I cannot think of a higher recommendation than that plus the outstanding results listed above.   Thank you,
Gabe Gotthard CEO of a High Tech Company (PILAB)