Jake’s Career Launch

Jake graduated from an Ivy-league university with a high GPA and an impressive resume.

Yet, one year later, after 200+ job applications & a few interviews, Jake had no job (besides an unpaid, remote internship).

How could Jake find and start his new career?


launchphase2’s Coaching

  • Helped Jake modify his resume, create a LinkedIn profile, and overhaul his job search approach.
  • Provided feedback on cover letters and follow up correspondence and tactics.
  • Encouraged Jake to network and to consider other fields that turned out to be better fits.
  • Helped Jake create an elevator pitch and conducted mock interviews; after a few mock interview sessions, Jake’s interviewing skills greatly improved.

Jake Living the Dream

  • Within 5 months, Jake landed a great job over several MBA candidates.
  • Jake was promoted quickly and earned bonuses
  • Jake moved to the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.
  • He has continued to move up and is thriving in his career.