Nicky’s College Countdown

Senior year was starting, – college was around the corner. Nicky and her parents felt  overwhelmed. How should they begin the college admissions process?


launchphase2’s Coaching (12th grade)

    • Helped Nicky make a 3-month ACT test preparation plan to achieve a higher  score that more closely reflected her G.P.A. 
    • Guided Nicky to identify two majors and careers of interest.
    • Identified Nicky’s ideal college fit criteria to build a smart-fit college list.  
    • Supported Nicky throughout her college application process including essays, interviews and scholarship applications.

Nicky’s Successes

Raised ACT score from 28 to 31 in three months.
  • Identified major/career of interest, with second and third back-up options.
  • Created smart-fit college list that included strong fit and majors of interest.
  • Nicky’s compelling essays showed who she was, who she wanted to be, and how she would enrich the campus.
  • Nicky was accepted at five (out of six) schools, including her top choice.
  • Received $100K+ in scholarships.
  • Accepted into honors program.