Amy’s New Direction

Amy started college, but unfortunately her school was not a good fit, and her grades suffered.

Amy moved back home to take time off. She joined the local community college, but her  grades were mediocre and she felt lost.

What should Amy do?


launchphase2’s Coaching

  • Provided student success coaching to help Amy raise her grades at her community college.
  • Coached Amy to find and land a summer job (resume, cover letters, mock interviews etc.).
  • Determined Amy’s college fit criteria to create a smart-fitting college list that included strong programs in her major of interest.
  • After researching and visiting colleges, Amy selected a college with plans to transfer in a year. She worked with her transfer admissions officer to ensure she took the right courses.
  • Amy’s plan was to raise her GPA, save money, and then to submit her transfer application.

Amy’s New Direction

  • Amy identified her personality type, values and goals.
  • She chose a top-choice major and career, with two other back-up choices.
  • Amy landed summer job and began saving money.
  • She conducted informational interviews (career research).
  • Amy completed campus visits and admissions interviews.
  • She worked closely with her top choice college to ensure she took the correct, transferrable courses at community college.
  • Motivated, Amy’s GPA began climbing; she plans to transfer to a four year college after one year.
  • Amy made a plan, goals and is excited about the future.