Unlocking Peter’s Potential

Peter was a gifted 10th grade student and a talented musician. Yet, due to boredom, Peter’s 3.3 GPA in non-rigorous courses, – did not reflect his abilities.

Could Peter turn things around?

launchphase2’s Coaching

  • Helped Peter regain his gifted and talented designation; had him register for Advance Placement (AP) courses.
  • Provided student success coaching (to help Peter improve his study skills and grades).
  • Helped Peter determine his learning styles, values, and majors/careers of interest.
  • Helped Peter apply to two summer programs to confirm interests.
  • Encouraged Peter to get involved, to become a leader, and to serve others.
  • Helped Peter stick to his ACT practice plan to raise his score (from 28 to 33).
  • Built Peter’s college list to meet his diverse interests (music and medicine) along with his ideal college fit criteria.
  • Supported Peter with his college, music, and scholarship applications (including essays and auditions).

Peter’s Successes

  • Added rigorous AP classes 
  • GPA rose from 3.3 to 3.8
  • ACT score increased from 28 to 33 


  • Attended prestigious summer programs
  • Joined, established, and led clubs
  • Created/ran camp for disadvantaged youth; raised funds by selling a music CD created by the children.
  • Admitted to dream school (and received acceptances in 10 out of 12 schools)
  • Joined prestigious music program while taking pre-med pre-requisites


  • Scholarships exceeded $500,000
  • Successfully helped Peter increase his merit award