P. Carol Jones, Essay Coach

Carol is a freelance writer/editor and owner of an editorial services business that includes editing college admissions essays, and coaching secondary and college students in writing. She collaborates with launchphase2 by providing college admissions essay edits, as a co-author of the educational column in the Coloradoan, and as co-presenter at education seminars. Carol is the author of Toward College Success: Is Your Teenager Ready, Willing and Able?, a resource for parents of middle and high school students to help them evaluate and prepare their teenagers for success in college, or to help them make the decision that going straight to college after high school is not the right path for their child. The book emphasizes the non-academic and life skills that all teenagers need to succeed in whatever they do after high school. As a writer and journalist, Carol has written on a variety of topics for local, regional, and national audiences; as an editor, she has worked on both technical and general documents. or more information on her work, visit: http://pcaroljones.com