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Why Teens Need a Sense of Purpose

About 20% of teens are considered purposeful; having a parent, teacher or friend as a role model is important Teens with a sense of purpose do better in school, are

The Right Way to Launch a Kid

Follow these tips to help your adult children make it on their own It’s the new weekday-morning ritual across America: Young children walk out their front doors starting around 7

Tips for Student Success

As students resume their school routines, it’s a good time to start practicing skills for student success. Many of the tips that follow are from Dave Ellis’ Becoming a Master

MOOCs and Online Learning

Technology has been a game changer for most industries, professions, and activities.  The education landscape is no exception.  Online courses, free or low-cost MOOCs (massive open online courses), and hybrid

The College Expectation List

The graduation parties are over and anticipation is building for college-bound freshman and their families. The summer before that freshman year includes an orientation trip to the school, compiling lists